A Weekend in Deauville

After two whole weeks spent in Paris, it seemed the most French thing to do was to need a vacation. We have a weekend in Bruges coming up, but two more weeks was just too far away. So off to Deauville we went!

Deauville Trouville

It’s the off-season in this beachy, seaside town in northern France and since we were only planning to go for one night, we splurged on a great rate at a fancy shmancy hotel front and center on the beach. Our view – and our room – was spectacular. Way more than we could have asked for, and we took full advantage.

Not pictured: giant bathroom, sitting room, walk-in closet

Why yes, that is a chandelier. Not pictured: giant bathroom, sitting room, walk-in closet

Deauville Barriere

Panoramic view from our terrace

Something about Deauville feels like you’re stuck somewhere in time between present day and the heyday of the sleek and sophisticated 1920s where the wealthy came to play. And with the gorgeous architecture and beautiful homes dotting the coast, I’d say the wealthy are still here to stay.

Royal Barriere Lobby Normandy Barriere Deauville

We arrived just after lunchtime and walked through the quaint (but clearly chic) center of town on our way to the hotel. After checking in and ogling our oversized room, we set out for a 3 hour walk all the way down the beach before slowly making our way back to relax and freshen up for dinner.

Deauville beachAnother Americaine Deauville Deauville Beach

For dinner, our choices were seafood, seafood, or seafood. We went for seafood. After a long, leisurely dinner, we walked around Deauville a bit before heading to the casino!

Fairly small - Trouville's looks bigger

Fairly small – Trouville’s looks bigger

Deauville Casino

Turns out, this was Frenchman’s first time ever in a casino. He was genuinely surprised when we didn’t win any money at all.

After unsuccessfully throwing a few euros at the slot machines, we cut our losses by cashing in on free glasses of champagne, courtesy of our hotel. Pas mal.

Sunday morning we woke up to beautiful blue sky and gorgeous weather – a welcome change after the grey damp weather we’ve been having in Paris! Off to walk and wander some more – this time all the way to Trouville, the next town over. On the way, we stumbled upon a big market with everything from local cheese, meats, and jams to cashmere sweaters and kitschy dishware.

Let me tell you, there are some spectacular homes in these towns. We walked along the beach and then up into the hill to get a closer look (and a better view).

Mairie Deauville Deauville market Deauville Trouville

Welcome aboard?

Welcome aboard… the donkey?


We stopped for a delicious galette (crêpe) at a cute little corner restaurant slightly hidden off the main road. A fantastic choice (sorry, no pictures. We dug right in!) We then made our way back to Deauville, slowly and with several stops at shops and things, to collect our bags where we left them at the hotel.

It was a short getaway, but well spent and with plenty seen and done (and eaten). In summer I think we could have used more time for the beach, but this time of year our 2-day venture was more than enough.

Now, alas, our next “vacation” isn’t for a whole 2 weeks! However will we manage…

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