About l’Américaine

About Me – The American in Paris

Who am I? That’s a great question.

If you didn’t get it from the name, I am an American trying out the expat thing in Paris, France. Following a man (how typical), I crossed the great blue sea to live in Paris. Hopefully successfully. On verra.

Making the decision to move to France to follow my boyfriend (hereafter known as my Frenchman) was a giant leap into the unknown. It was scary and weird and somewhat out of character. It was also really exciting.

What’s an American in Paris to do? Blog about it!

The last time  I did something scary and weird and also exciting, I wrote about it. So I’m doing it again, this time bigger and better. New and improved – now with language barriers, weddings, and even bigger adventures! And cheese. And wine. And the infamous French people who will undoubtedly make this a complicated, amazing experience.

Here I share the trials, tribulations, and confusion that surrounds not only my time in France, but everything that made it happen – jobs, packing, apartments (1) (2), you name it.

Come along for the ride – it’s sure to be a wild one. Allons-y!

Americaine in Paris

Bienvenue à Paris! ~ Elizabeth

Where else can you find l’Américaine?

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3 thoughts on “About l’Américaine

  1. Good luck on your adventures Elizabeth! I’ve been in France for 2 years and I’m still trying to navigate the myriad of faux-pas. But- it’s worth it! Please check ou my blog if you like. It’s about life in Provence, France.


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