Week 1: A Recap

It has been an interesting, remarkably “normal” week, despite the fact that I up and moved across the Atlantic. I feel stuck between vacation and work, and each day has a little bit of both.

On one hand, I still get up every day and “go to work” – albeit digitally – and spend my day writing content and replying to emails and fielding the same issues I did a week or a month or a year ago. On the other hand, I am in freaking France. Signs are in French. It’s the Métro and not the T, and I’m in a strange new apartment with things that work differently that I need to figure out.

Rather than overload with every instance of something new every day this week, I’ve condensed it all into a Captain’s Log of my first week here in France.

Week 1 in Review:

Day 1: Landed at Charles de Gaulle at about 9:00am or so, also known as 3am to my poor Eastern Standard Time brain. Went for a walk, took a nap. Two (2) home cooked meals already. Language is escaping me. Unable to effectively communicate with les parents in Français. Hoping this improves immediately. 

Day 2: Slept for 12 hours. Feeling surprisingly not jetlagged. Back to work as if it’s a normal Monday but it is not a normal Monday. Got the majority of my work done before anyone at home even woke up. The rest of the work is pending responses from my EST-delayed coworkers… I feel productive and also stalled.

Vitry Sur Seine

Not a bad view from work

Spoke French for 2 hours straight with Frenchman’s mother, flying solo while Frenchman & Frenchdad went to get the keys to our apartment. Struggles were had. Language is resurfacing, slowly.

Day 3: Shower technique is improving. Feel marginally more clean this time, though still not enjoying sitting & one-handed hair rinsing. Looking forward to real shower at l’appartement. More delicious food.

French shower bath

My nemesis

Frenchman went to apartment to clean and get the place set up. Enjoying having temporary house-boyfriend to take care of housekeeping.

Day 4: I’m home! Achievement (apartment): unlocked! Have home, can unpack. First impression: adorable street, good space. Small kitchen. Also, tons of shopping on the street between home and Métro. Dangerous.

Radiators not working. Didn’t know there was an Arctic Arrondissement. Forced to retreat to warmer climates (back to les parents).

Upside? Frenchmom received an entire shipment of cheese today.

French cheese

As big as my head – the “small” ones are as big as grapefruits!

Day 5: Attempt #2 at apartment. This time, brought electric space heater. Still cold, but tolerable. Went grocery shopping. Mostly the same but also different. Ate more cheese. Went outside!

Took a walk from the apartment. Saw Eiffel Tower. Had a glass of wine at cute cafe. Stereotypical French life improving. Actually slept at apartment, didn’t freeze.

Eiffel Tower

Basically my backyard

Day 6: Made coffee, ate normal breakfast. Starting to feel more like “home.”

Cannelle arrives! Is noisy. So. Noisy.

Exploring. And Crying.

Exploring. And Crying.

Afternoon appointment to set up bank account. Looking forward to having normal access to money. Fingers crossed. Tonight, dinner somewhere fun in the 15th arrondissement, to look for our favorite place in our new neighborhood.

And that’s my week!

In case you were concerned, I do know there are 7 days in a week. I didn’t lose a day to jet lag. I figured that the weekend deserves its own post, as I’m sure we’ll get up to plenty more things, exploring the neighborhood and seeing more sights. So even though Day 7 is Saturday, you’ll have to wait til Monday to hear all about it!

4 thoughts on “Week 1: A Recap

  1. Great post! I can’t imagine the feeling of adjusting to “normal” life having just made the move of a lifetime. Then again, I kinda can imagine it. Looking forward to reading more.


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