Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I’m here!

I made it to France, more or less in one piece. Unfortunately, they switched the plane out on us so we had the tiniest seats in the world, but after a good meal and about 12 hours of sleep, I’m feeling good.

We’re chez les parents for now, which means not having to find our own food – a definite plus. Frenchman’s mother does not hold back when it comes to mealtime. A full meal for lunch after we arrived, a full meal for dinner last night, and croque monsieurs pre-made for us for lunch today. Not such a bad deal for temporary accommodations until we are able to get into our own apartment.

Speaking of which… we get our keys tonight! We can pick up the keys and check out the place this evening, but we won’t actually move all of our stuff in until tomorrow. One more day of free home-cooked food doesn’t sound so bad to me.

In the meantime, I’m back at work already which feels super weird. I took just a single day off (Friday) to pack and prepare. Technically that means I had a long weekend, but with so much to do (and 12+ hours of it lost to a flight plus a 6-hour time difference) it certainly didn’t feel long. So Monday morning rolled around real quick. Thankfully though, I got to enjoy a leisurely morning since I’m working a 10am-7pm schedule to be marginally closer to my office’s work hours. As the move date got closer, I was starting to regret only taking the one day off, but at this point it seems like an okay choice.

So far, though, the only sign of how jet-lagged I might really be is the fact that I seem to have misplaced most of my French. I’ve been smile-and-nodding a whole lot at Frenchman’s poor parents. I expected to be a bit out of practice, but I didn’t expect for the words to disappear from my brain completely. I think my vocab took the extra-long weekend off that I didn’t…

Stay tuned to learn whether my words make a dramatic re-appearance or if we’re faced with a new story: Mute in Paris.

French Cat Playing

The real reason I came to Paris… (shh! Don’t tell Frenchman!)

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