Romance in Paris

It’s February! My how time flies when you’re having fun up to your neck in cardboard boxes.

The Monsieur and I are officially moved into our new place and things are looking good (we finally have a couch!) It got a little hairy in there when some door handles got broken and a dryer was delivered without the washer it’s supposed to go on top of (even though we had already paid for it…?) but the course of a move never did run smooth. All things considered, it went well. The trick now is furnishing the place so we have places to put our stuff away and more than 1 pot to cook in. We’ll get there.

Anyway, we’re here now and I thought what better time to think about romance in Paris than now, after moving into our very own place just before Valentine’s Day?


Romantic Things to Do in Paris for Valentine’s Day

In the lead-up to V-Day, here’s my list of romantic things to do in and around Paris, perfect for Valentine’s Day (or any day!)

  1.  Sit at a cafe.

    Watch the world pass by curled up with a café crème or a glass of wine. Participate in the national pastime of talking about strangers. Settle into a long, cozy moment with or without judging strangers. Linger indefinitely. valentines-day-paris-cafe

  2. Stroll the gardens of a chateau.

    Play pretend like Marie Antoinette and meander by the paths and ponds. But Versailles is not the only game in town! Chantilly, Vincennes… There are quite a few beautiful chateaux in the Paris area, and just about all of them have pretty grounds to explore, often for free. (Shout-out to the castle in my new hometown Saint Germain en Laye for gorgeous gardens with a spectacular terrasse view of Paris via La Defense and Sacre Cœur!) saint-germain-en-laye-view-of-paris

  3. Get lost.

    One of my favorite things to do in any city is just to wander and see where the wind takes me. Fortunately, my Frenchman feels the same way. From Boston to Barcelona, we take a sunny Saturday as a cue to explore. You can find romance around any corner just by deciding which direction looks interesting at each intersection and discovering new corners of the city together. Quaint, surprising, or even kind of gross, getting “lost” on purpose is an excellent bonding experience.

  4. Find a “secret” bar.

    There are quite a few hidden bars in Paris, the kind you’re supposed to hear about from a friend of a friend. Even better, some of them have really great cocktails! Enter through the freezer of a pizza place or sneak behind the washing machines at a laundromat to discover a whole new speakeasy-style world. What could be more romantic than feeling like you’re slipping into a secret back room bar with your main squeeze? valentines-day-paris-secret-bars

  5. The Eiffel Tower.

    The big guns. By day, by night, this old standby is a tried and true romantic slam dunk. The views, the dizzying heights, the endless lines, the crowds… I mean, uh, being close to your special someone… Jokes aside, there’s a reason it’s on everyone’s list and in all the movies. I mean, it sparkles for god’s sake!

*Bonus (for professional romantics only): Get married!

I can personally confirm that getting married in Paris is, in fact, very romantic. Highly recommended 🙂 DSC_0426 (1)

There’s nothing more cliché-for-a-reason than Paris.

It’s a stereotype for good cause, and Paris won’t let you down if you’re out to find a romantic time with someone you love. I may have found my Frenchman on the other side of the pond, but he caught me with good, classic French romance.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips. My French students often ask me about romantic activities in Paris. Therefore, I find your article very helpful!


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