Not an optimist [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3/14/16:

It has come to my attention that this blog post fell flat like a pancake crêpe and/or totally confused everyone. Here are some clarifications to hopefully make it all make more sense.

  1. This post was written in total snark and sarcasm.
  2. Everything is fine.

For a bit of context, this post was intended to be a funny, quick exploration of French vs. American perspective and attitude. It was written in response to a funny exchange with my Frenchman in which, after reassuring me that X would be fine, Y would be fine, and Z would all be fine, he also expressed “I am not just being optimiste, I am just realiste.” I interpreted this moment as a silly, succinct example of one of the many differences between Americans and the French, in the way he felt compelled to clarify to me that he was not, in fact, being optimistic (apparently a bad thing), he was just being realistic when he said everything was going to work out perfectly smoothly.

I thought it was funny. Apparently everyone else did not.

With all that in mind, please proceed with the following blog post keeping humor and snark in perspective.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog silence with a lesson in French worldview.

STand by
Je ne suis pas optimiste… juste realiste” – I’m not being optimistic, just realistic.

Used as justification of a positive outlook on a situation. Did you know that being an optimist is a punishable offense?

If this isn’t the perfect illustration of French ideology, I don’t know what is. Having to explain away your reasoning for fear that someone might interpret you as an optimist? The horror!

Meanwhile, in America, telling someone not to be so optimistic is akin to kicking a puppy. Being a staunch realist makes you boring; a real bummer at parties. Who knew that a jaunt overseas means your “everything will be alright” perspective becomes an embarrassing show of optimisme?

Looks like this Boston cynic will have to dial it all the way up next time she discusses a matter and whether or not it’ll work out.

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