Vienna (Part 1): I’m ENGAGED!



This is not what I expected to be posting about after my weekend in Vienna. I figured I would be posting photos of imperial palaces, quaint Christmas markets, and gorgeous festive scenes.

And, we did all that. I have those pictures (and they’re beautiful!) and we had a fantastic weekend that I can’t wait to tell you all about. But instead, this is Part 1. Because I can’t do that AND talk about the fact that my Frenchman and I are engaged!!!

I’m going to keep this short, and I promise I’ll talk about Vienna for real (that’s Part 2) but first I needed to get this out of the way.

While I can’t say it was entirely unexpected, somehow that doesn’t make it any less surprising. Certainly no less exciting!

We were in Vienna for a getaway / birthday weekend for Frenchman, so we had booked a fancy dinner at Das Loft for Saturday night. This restaurant is on a bunch of lists of amazing places, primarily for its view. It’s a swanky place at the top of a tower overlooking all of historic Vienna.

Vienna Das Loft Restaurant

This is not where he proposed.

If I expected it at all, I expected it there. If not at the restaurant, then on a romantic stroll back through the city center after dinner. This is also not where he proposed. We went for our romantic stroll, twinkling Christmas lights and all, and… went back to our hotel.

Sunday, I decided to put it out of my head and we had a lovely day full of fun and interesting things (that I will tell you about next time), and we capped it off with dinner at an authentic, tiny Austrian restaurant we found while wandering by the day before. It was very delicious and just what we were looking for.

We again walked through the beautiful old streets of Vienna, admiring the incredible lights and decorations. We came upon this lovely fountain that was completely surrounded by Christmas trees, and I decided to take a picture.

He decided to ask me to marry him.

Engagement in Vienna

It was simple, it was beautiful. It was perfect. I said yes. Obviously.

Engagement Ring Antique

After standing there for long enough for the surprise to wear off and the cold to seep in, we set off to celebrate with a glass of something sparkling (like my ring!!!) But! Not before I finally took a picture of the fountain… (it took a few tries, since I was shaking and not just from the cold)

Neuer Markt Fountain ViennaPark Hyatt Vienna Engaged

So now we’re engaged! Get your passports ready, kids. I’m going to be Mrs. Frenchman!

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