Homeless in Paris: the musical!

5 days and counting… and still no place to live.

That’s what I think about every day, since the rug was pulled out from under us with our original apartment. I have to laugh. I knew this was all going too smoothly!

Back to the listings we went, looking at place after place online assessing whether it would be acceptable for us. Unfortunately, it seems we’re looking for a bit of a unicorn at this point, with mere days to go. Good area, decent size, real oven, place to put a desk… It wasn’t too much to ask a month or so ago, but it seems like it is now.

Over the weekend, Frenchman went to see 2 places. One was in a great location but is too small. The other was bigger, but not in a great location. When I learned he didn’t sign for either of them, I was a liiittle concerned. I might have cried. Maybe. He wants to keep looking at other options. I reminded him that we only have a couple of days left…

Stay tuned for Homeless in Paris (the hottest new musical, opening on a street corner in an arrondissement near you!)

Just kidding. It’s going to be fine.

Is it a bit stressful? Sure. But we won’t actually be homeless with his parents right there and we’ll find a place eventually. I just would really like to have a place to put my suitcases when I roll in after an overnight flight.

He says to trust him, and I do. But it’s really hard to not have any control over where I’m going to sleep in just a few short days.

It’s been an interesting week.

In lighter news, the secret’s totally out at work, which is nice. I met with my own team about 3 weeks ago to break the news and discuss how we would handle workflow. Last week I sent an announcement to a couple of other managers letting them know I would be remote and to inform their own teams as necessary as there would be no official announcement… and they immediately announced it. #ParisProblems

Slowly but surely the news has spread, and it feels nice to have it out in the open. Am I getting the same questions over and over? Totally. Do I mind? Not one bit! I get to talk about my plans on repeat, reliving it for each excited listener. It’s a narcissist’s dream.

I get to tell everyone that yes, I’m going to be living in Paris, yes in the center like actually in Paris. I get to talk about the things I want to do and all the places I plan to go.

I get to remind myself over and over that I’m really doing this and I’m about to do the coolest thing I’ve ever been crazy enough to do. I’m freaking moving to Paris!

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