It’s happening.

I realize there has been a bit of a hiatus in my posts.

There’s a reason for the unintended break.

Once we realized that Frenchman didn’t win the lottery (literally and figuratively), and was therefore not receiving an H1B visa, and could therefore not stay in the country… things got busy. There are so many drafts with haphazard notes of posts I meant to write.

Even after having theoretically announced that I was going to go for it… I had to commit to my decision – and get active.

Starting in mid-May, I began researching and applying to as many job postings as I could find. I was drafting resumes and cover letters left and right, up and down, til my eyes went blurry. I can’t tell you the number of applications I sent.

But you know all that already…


After weeks of frustration and optimism and cramped clicking-finger, suddenly a new option.

In a fortuitous turn of events, I was offered the opportunity to continue working for my current job — in Paris.

You read that right. The head honcho Über Boss of my company off-handedly just suggested up the idea. And you bet your bonnet I followed up! A couple of meetings and some meticulously organized research on international remote work later, and Voilà! This girl gets to go to Paris.

*Heavenly chorus* AHHHHHH HALLELUJAH!

Aaand then the real chaos began. Because now it’s really happening. I had to start planning my workflow and creating proposals for how I’ll manage my work across time zones and oceans. And with a 3-months-to-start arrangement, I need to get this nailed so I can hit the ground running and not skip a beat (or a comma – get it? cause I’m a writer?)

We agreed that I wouldn’t be leaving immediately. With some changes and timeframes at work, it made sense to say the end of September or beginning of October as my departure date. That gave me 3 months to figure everything out.

Fortunately, Frenchman was still here and was a MASSIVE help in all of the steps along the way. He was researching jobs and visas and drafting documents and helping me strategize for conversations and future projects.

At the end of July, my Frenchman left the country.

We filled his last weeks with activity and meals and fun. And sorting out his things. And now I have to start figuring out what to do about my apartment and my things. Oof.


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