Write. Send. Rinse. (Research). Repeat.

Now that I’m really doing this, it’s time to really do it.

I’m actually applying to jobs in Paris.

What a wild thing to say. I’m actually, actively researching job sites and sending applications. It’s so familiar and yet so (obviously) (literally) foreign.

So the French use CVs and the Americans use resumes. Do I need a French CV? Does it need to be in French or just in CV format? Can I use an American resume for American companies, or for jobs seeking a native English/American speaker?

Honestly I find writing a resume in English to be hard enough. I really detest it. And the CV is a totally different style, too. If I’m going to offer up a French CV how do I even begin? To start, they’re different formats, on top of being in different languages.


I’m fortunate enough to have been able to get in touch with someone in my industry in Paris. She has been incredibly nice and friendly and helpful. She offered up contacts and ideas and recommendations of where to start looking.

She also told me (in a very French “bah, no, it’s fine” kind of way) not to bother creating a CV in French. Nor in English, for that matter. I’m going to do it anyway, just in case, but it was nice to have a French industry person tell me people wouldn’t care if I sent my regular old English resume.

So I’ve tailored my resume, written a cover letter or 7 (in French!) – with the assistance of my Frenchman, thankfully – and searched searched searched.

This contact also told me that there are a ton of French companies and startups who are looking for content marketers, especially ones who speak English. She made it sound quite optimistic.

She wasn’t wrong. I’ve actually seen quite a few jobs posted in just the last few weeks specifying their desire for a native English speaking content marketer. I’ve applied to every damn one of them.

And now we wait.

Wait for replies. Wait for more job postings. Wait and watch the clock tick by and the calendar days fly past as we approach Frenchman’s expiration date here in the US.

We wait, we search job boards, we cross our fingers.


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